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Not working on 6S plus with 9.3

Unfortunatelly, It is not working on 6S plus with 9.3. It quits when you tap to play.

very nice



the app is not working

Great app but weird update

I had this app until I updated it. Then i all of a sudden had the other Thumbstruments app after it was done updating. I tried to re-download this one and it didnt work either! Neither of them wont open so they need some fixing. This is too bad cuz it used to work really well.

Nice try so far

Nice to see other interesting instruments available. But with this the amount of samples is far too low. If I was intelligent enough to put out an app like this, I would make sure the amount of sampled areas recorded would correspond to the complexity of the instrument. For example; I would have a minimum of 64 surface areas sampled. Each surface area should be sampled a minimum of 6 times for each attack level, I.e. soft,moderate,hard,aggressive. The software should plot these points on the surface and respond to the area tapped, the attack level and run through the cycle of recorded attack levels in a random fashion. Since, I do not write apps, I have no ideas of the possible granularity supported by the operating system. Good luck.


All u do is touch the screen .not fun at all

Not Workin !!

Crashed on iOS 8.1.1


Crashes after you "tap to play..."

Crashes upon opening

What more can I say...boom! Thank goodness it was free. I think the ads running in it cause the crash. Dont bother!

Does nothing but crash

1 star for the concept. Does nothing but crash.

Djdumbe is more like it!

App crashes every time I try to open it on my iPad! Awful app. FIX! IT!!!

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